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Don’t mention the ‘H’ word!

Written by Martin Walker, Mantis Media


Martin Walker, Mantis Media

Martin Walker, Mantis Media

Everyone’s talking about it…

Some people are even sick of hearing about it…

You can’t get away from the H word these days, especially if you’re from this neck of the woods.

It stirs up press headlines – even last week the Northern Echo was talking about it.

Its latest developments promise to bring lots of new jobs, and SMEs are flocking to it like bees to honey. If you work on Aycliffe Business Park, you can’t get away from it.

Yes, that’s right… of course I’m talking about The HUB! What else?

I finally took the leap from working in a spare bedroom to taking my first office here at The HUB back in December, so I’m relatively new here. I can’t remember who told me it’d be the best business decision I’d ever make to move here – I’m sure her name will come back to me – but I’ve not looked back. That’s down largely to help and support I’ve received from The HUB family – “The Hubsters”, as they’re affectionately known – and the collaborative approach, and feelgood factor, that exists here.

The HUB is where the heart is, if you’re one of us. But not only that, it’s a thriving place for business and, even from the outside, The HUB is starting to grab people’s attention. My various bits and pieces of work take me all over the North-East. Invariably the question comes… “so where are you based then?” I’d say nine people out of 10 have heard of the answer. “Oh yes!” they’ll say. “The HUB, very up and-coming, isn’t it?”

More than just up-and-coming, I’d say.

Phase four of The HUB is coming on like a good ‘en as we speak. SMEs are queuing up for office space here. Job creation is steadily increasing, with our current residents taking on staff like no tomorrow. Business here is positively thriving, and there’s more to come.

So when you hear people say, “this is the place to be”, it really is.

OK, so Merchant Park and the other ‘H’ word might grab a few headlines every now and then, but The HUB is the real Jewell in the Crown in our eyes.

Now watch us grow…



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